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    Staff of MRI have carried out job analysis, selection, validation, and promotion studies in virtually every category of job and job setting including those involving highly-skilled technical information processing work, occupations in public safety areas, jobs involving creative thinking and scientific work, high-level management jobs involving planning and innovation. Methodologies developed assess the ability requirements of jobs in cognitive, psychomotor, physical, sensory-perceptual, and interpersonal skill domains. MRI staff has pioneered methods of job analysis, linking job task requirements with abilities, knowledge, and interpersonal skills of employees.

    MRI staff is also involved in nationwide studies of job requirements and have developed innovative methods of questionnaire design for survey approaches to collecting this information. Current studies have also examined the effect of factors affecting the reliability and validity of job analysis information, including experience and expertise of respondents questionnaire formats, specificity of information required, and whether information is obtained at the job, task, or job dimension levels. Considerable research by MRI staff has been directed to development of valid job-related employment procedures, which reduce sex, age, and ethnic discrimination. Under consent decree MRI was contracted by The Pennsylvania State Police Department to provide job-related validation studies for the selection of cadets and the promotion of corporals, sergeants, and lieutenants. Approval of the validation studies and subsequent development of the video based examinations now in use resulted in the resolution of the longest running litigation of a fairness in hiring dispute in U.S. history. Additionally, MRI was recently contracted by the U.S. Department of Labor to assist in the development of an Internet based interactive assessment methodology to replace the outmoded Dictionary of Occupational Titles.  A significant advance in assessment technology, O*NET is based on the job analysis, taxonomic, and measurement systems developed by MRI staff.

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