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Human Abilities

Handbook of Human Abilities:

Definitions, Measurements, and Job Task Requirements

by Edwin A. Fleishman and Maureen E. Reilly

    This concise book identifies and defines the human abilities needed by individuals to perform effectively in different kinds of jobs. The book brings together, for the first time, definitions of these abilities with information about the kinds of tasks and jobs that require each ability and the specific tests an individual can take to assess their status on each ability.

    Individuals seeking jobs, vocational counselors, psychologists, educators, employers, and human resource professionals will find the Handbook of Human Abilities an indispensable reference source. Features include:

  • Clear and complete definitions of abilities spanning the cognitive, physical, psychomotor, and sensory-perceptual domains of human performance.
  • Specific examples of job tasks representative of each ability.
  • An index of tasks and jobs matched according to their ability requirements.
  • For each ability, examples of tests measuring that ability, including publisher's addresses and phone numbers.

    This book is based on extensive research with thousands of jobs and tests and has been highly praised in professional journals.

Editorial Reviews
A sampling of book reviews from authoritative journal publications:

  • Contemporary Psychology: 
    "No major publication with such a wide ranging perspective on human ability exists…"

  • Personnel Psychology
    "Valuable to researchers, teachers, and practitioners. This handbook could serve most of us as nutriment for thought and as a continuing educational tool."

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