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Leadership Development

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Leadership Development

    MRI staff has been pioneering concepts and methods for identifying and assessing the skills required of managerial jobs requiring high levels of information processing, planning, complex problem solving, and innovation. Three recent Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contracts have led to the development of the Metacognitive Leadership Exercises (MLE©), a Windows based management development application.

    Use of the MLE© measures strategic thinking and logistical planning leadership skills required for effective senior management and executive-level development.  In recognition of this work, the scientific journal Leadership Quarterly invited three staff members of MRI to be special Editors of three consecutive issues of the journal concerned with Individual Differences and Leadership. Recent book chapters have featured MRI's work, supported by the Department of Defense, about developing team performance and work requiring highly collaborative efforts.

    Other recent developments at MRI include the instrumentation developed by MRI staff in assessing the social/interactive knowledge requirements of jobs.  Additionally, work has been conducted on how skills develop over time and how different intervention and training methods can facilitate this development.

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