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Identifying the Ability Requirements of Jobs, Assessing Effective Leadership

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    MRI publishes, for use by the professional practitioner, the Fleishman Job Analysis Survey¬© Kit and the Handbook of Human Abilities. Used together they provide a method for analyzing jobs in terms of the relevant ability requirements.

    Once the ability requirements of a particular job have been determined through the use of the F-JAS, the Handbook helps the professional select commercially available tests that assess those abilities. This content-valid approach can help employers develop legally defensible employment procedures by demonstrating the job-relatedness of the employment tests as may be required by the new Civil Rights legislation and the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

    MRI also publishes the widely acclaimed book Taxonomies of Human Performance: The Description of Human Tasks by Edwin A. Fleishman.

    Currently under development is the Metacognitive Leadership Exercises¬© a Web-based executive assessment and coaching application. For information about these products and services, please call  (301) 299-9200.

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